Takes One to Know One…

Adrenal fatigue…Hypothryoidism…Tendonitis…Broken bones…Sore, achey muscles…Sprained ankles…Injured hamstring…Anxiety…Depression…Food Intolerances…Lactose Intolerance…Headaches…Insomnia…Fatigue…Family history of too much to list…MTHFR gene mutations (A/C)…Crossfit…Soccer…OCR…Runner…Runner’s knee…SHALL I GO ON?

TMI?  Nah.  I’m an open book.  I don’t hide behind a facade, and I hope you don’t feel you need to either (however, your medical information is NEVER shared with anyone else HIPAA!!!). The experiences I have had, the injuries and conditions I have BEAT (mostly naturally)!  The knowledge I have gained from FIRST HAND experience as well as years and years of helping others through these and many other “imbalances”, “conditions”, “diseases”, “syndromes”, have only helped me better help YOU.

I hear it over and over again that my clients feel they are in good hands, because they know I have felt their pain, or been in their shoes – never exactly – but enough to really help guide them to feeling better, getting healthier, and living more pain-free.

I’m grateful to be where I am today, thankful you as my clients have entrusted me with your mind body and spirit.  So, thank you!  I would love to help even more people.  Your referrals are what help me continue to thrive as a Naturopathic doctor and Massage therapist.  I want to give back, so for every 3 people you refer, I am giving 1 free hour massage.  For every 2 people you refer, I am giving you an extra 30 minutes on one of your massages.  Please make sure to write your referrer’s name in the “notes to provider” section upon booking.

I look forward to helping more of the people you care about 🙂

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