Essential Oils used by Dr. Celeste

How Dr. Celeste Uses Plant Therapy Essential Oils In Her Wellness Rising Practice

Dr. Celeste Ruland is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, a licensed massage therapist, and certified personal trainer serving the community of Rhode Island at her massage and wellness practice, Wellness Rising LLC. 

With her vast knowledge and years of experience in the healthcare field, she takes her time to listen and explore every aspect of her patients’ health to find the best treatment options for them. Her clinic offers naturopathic medicine, massage, nutrition, fitness, and wellness services, with the goal of guiding her patients and clients to live their optimal life. 

Dr. Celeste began her journey with natural healing when she was a child, with both of her parents working as licensed massage therapists in New York.  Her family practiced a spiritual and holistic lifestyle which helped mold Dr. Celeste into the healer she is today. She learned first-hand the therapies that can help anyone live a healthy lifestyle, from eating an anti-inflammatory diet, to using herbal medicine, and by receiving deep tissue massages from her parents after playing her year-round sports.

Through her experiences as a child, and her empathy, patience, intelligence, and athletic abilities, she feels she was born with the destiny of helping others be healthy through naturopathic holistic medicine, bodywork, diet, and exercise. 

Dr. Celeste was first introduced to essential oils over 20 years ago (in the form of natural bug spray), and has been increasingly integrating them into her wellness practice over the last five years. She continues to incorporate essential oils in her practice because they are simple, natural, versatile, affordable, and effective.

One of Dr. Celeste’s favorite ways to utilize the benefits of essential oils is through aromatherapy massage. She utilizes an essential oil diffuser in her office for a relaxing atmosphere for both her massage and naturopathic clients, but she says the real magic happens when she applies specific pain-relieving anti-inflammatory essential oil combinations to her clients’ skin for her deep tissue and sports massage sessions. 

The most popular diffused oil is a Plant Therapy synergy blend called “Worry Free”, and her two favorite topical essential oils she uses are their synergy blends “Rapid Relief” and “Muscle Aid” which are usually mixed in her massage oil, or applied with coconut oil as a carrier.  Her clients appreciate the extra healing therapies these oils provide, and they love the way they smell!

Dr. Ruland prefers to use Plant Therapy oils because of their quality, price, effectiveness, and customer service. She appreciates that their oils are pure and that they offer organic, therapeutic grade oils that are sourced in an environmentally friendly way.  As a physician, she is picky about the product lines she trusts for quality, safety, and environmental impact. She loves using Plant Therapy oils and has been successful using them to support her own and her clients’ health. 

While Dr. Celeste’s medical education trained her to be a holistic primary care physician, she has followed her passion and natural talents to specialize in holistic clinical nutrition, lifestyle medicine, fitness education, and pain-relieving, performance optimizing bodywork.  

Plant Therapy’s essential oils are an integral part of her massage and naturopathic treatments.  As a naturopathic doctor and treatment-based massage therapist, her goal for each client is to help find the cause of their imbalance – whether it be physical, emotional, environmental, etc. – and then the most natural ways possible to regain their balance.  Dr. Celeste starts her treatments with simple, basic lifestyle changes or guidelines, and then may recommend supplements if necessary to achieve their balance and optimal health.  

Essential oils are often recommended for stress relief, sleep aids, musculoskeletal pain relief, and even in a combination for Lyme disease treatment.  Dr. Celeste is thankful she has found an essential oil company that she can trust to be effective and safe to include in her treatment plans for any one of her clients.

If you have any questions on how to purchase Plant Therapy essential oils – please contact Dr. Celeste and she can send you a link 🙂