New Location starts today! Focus your priorities.

85 Industrial circle, Lincoln, RI 02865. Suite 2202.  Private office in rear of Fitness Rising fitness center.

I hope you had a great weekend.  Let’s see how we can manage a busy work week AND eat healthy food and exercise!  Time constraints are tight these days, but the research on health and longevity benefits of exercise can not be ignored.  We should also not ignore our own health priorities.

Sometimes it just takes writing down our priorities, establishing a list of what is truly important to us – today, tomorrow, longterm.

From awareness we can start action.

So while you’re writing down or typing up that list of priorities, think about how you can achieve those priorities.

One goal of mine was to be able to workout when I had even a short break between clients during my work day.  I am NOT an early morning exerciser, and I have learned that by the end of a long day, my workouts are subpar. Relocating my office to be IN a gym is one way I’m able to get closer to my goals.

Another goal is to be able to start to really combine all of my skills to fully help my patients and clients. I am still working on fully combining a program that includes fitness nutrition health balance and happiness (in my life as well), but it will be easier now that I am moving my office in to an office of Fitness Rising / JC fitness.

I hope to see you in my new setting.  The room has such a healthy comfortable feel to it, I am really excited about this change. You will have two choices for where to park and enter the Mill building and find my office. It is in Sayles Mill in Lincoln, RI, just 2 miles from Capaldi Chiropractic . Please use GPS to Fitness Rising, or 85 Industrial circle, Lincoln, RI 02865 suite 2202.

1. If you are already a member of the gym, walk in the normal main entrance and you will find my office towards the back of the gym behind the new monkey bar/squat rig. Wooden door (private entry sign).

For the first few weeks I will be improving signage and ease for my clients that are not members of Fitness Rising or JC Fitness. Please be patient and let me know if there’s anything you may need.

2. Park in main parking lot and walk towards the red A-frame sign “Fitness Rising”, towards the lake and American flag.  Enter the 2nd set of stairs where there will also be a fencing gym, enter the door for Fitness Rising/JC Fitness. Find my office towards the back of the gym, the wooden door that will lead upstairs to my private office. There are bathrooms (and showers) at the front of the gym as well as another option which will soon become the main entrance and waiting room after construction is complete in that area.

3. Constructing a private entrance for Wellness Rising ! I will have signage soon… Park either in main lot (follow signs for fitness rising, red A frame sign and enter 3rd set of stairs after the loading dock), or drive further down Walker street from Smithfield ave and enter the parking lot (closer to BodyRock). Walk across the small wooden walk way bridge towards the American Flag (lake will be on your right now).  Enter the 2nd set of stairs on your left,  black cast iron stairs.  This door will lead to a hallway with a residential apartment (so please be respectful of the area) and a private bathroom for your use. The end of the hallway, at the “T” will soon be my waiting room.  Turn left at the T and you will open a door that leads to the middle of the gym, squat racks and the black monkey bar rig will be in front of you, walk towards the windows and you will find my private office entrance, a wooden door leading to stairs to my upstairs office.

Looking forward to seeing you and helping you find and work on your priorities!

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