I am here to help you

I was trying to write up this perfect post with organized information on health, wellness, virus prevention, stress reduction, home-living management tools, etc etc.  It is still a work-in-progress, but since every day for me feels like a week, I decided not to wait any longer to send out this initial, simple communication to all of you, NOW.

HOW CAN I HELP?  That’s all I want to know.  As a healer, it is ingrained in me to help anyone that I can.  I have too much information and knowledge with health and wellness to keep it all to myself.  I can not assume that everyone will need the same information, so I am hoping that this question and answer method works best – based on your own individual concerns and circumstances.  I do know that working as a group to post and share can be beneficial as well, so I have created a facebook group for anyone who would like to join !

I will provide more information sooner than later in another post, but for now, please reach out to me (email/text/call/instagram/facebook) ASAP!  Once we set up the meeting, it will either be through

Oh, and I am not officially charging for this communication if you choose to communicate with me.  I am offering 10-30 minute sessions with no strings attached. I am going to allow you to pay Whatever you want, IF you want through Venmo (@celestewellness)/paypal/CC, etc.  Otherwise, I am just offering some information and consolation to anyone of you who choose to speak with me.  I have resources that I have collected for anti-viral immune support, mindfulness, meal planning, yoga, exercise, etc.

Just reach out if you want, and we can go from there.  Here are some professional and organic supplements and products you may order from me online in the mean-time. I do receive a small % from these orders, but I have only aligned with them, because they are trusted and meant for your health, not profit.

Physician professional supplements 5-10% off (contact me as soon you sign up so I can increase your order to 10% off before you purchase): https://us.fullscript.com/welcome/wellnessrising

Organic, lab tested, CBD (full spectrum, THC-free, pet options, CBDA, CBG options): Myriam’s Hope www.myriamshemphope.com . Use code “wellness25” to try for 25% off (up until this weekend), or use my normal code “wellness10” for always 10% off. 

PURE HAVEN: Organic, toxin-free products ranging from home-cleaners, to body care, to pet care, to makeup.  I love this line of products and am excited to have finally aligned with the company (local in RI !).  If you purchase with my account and love the products, you can also sign up with my team to receive the discounted prices (usually 10-30% off), and potentially sell to others and make some money during this work-from-home era we have been forced to enter.  www.purehaven.com/drceleste

Thank you for taking the time to read through this email.  I truly hope that I will be in contact with many of you over the next few weeks.  We can either look at this forced change in lifestyle as a negative, or as a positive.  I am hoping to bring more of the positive to our lives.  Let’s get healthier, stay healthy, remain calm, and live long and prosper.

I hope to help,

Celeste Ruland, ND, LMT, CPT, PN1