Massage/Naturopathic Bodywork

Massage in general has a variety of health benefits and can be very relaxing; however, Dr. Celeste is an expert in PAIN management, athletic improvement, and effective individualized massage using multiple tools depending on each client’s needs. Prices range from $60-95, depending on the length and type of service – for more details click HERE

  • Immediate and long-lasting relief:
    • aches and pain
    • plantar fasciitis
    • musculo-skeletal symptoms
    • headaches
    • lower back pain
    • sedentary lifestyle aches and pains
    • anxiety
    • insomnia
    • fatigue
    • immunity
    • fibromyalgia
    • detoxification
    • cellulite
  • Massage Modalities: (more than one often included in massage sessions)
    • Swedish : relaxing, includes neck/arms/torso/back/legs
    • Deep tissue : massage focusing on client’s complaints and addresses tender trigger points, adhesions, and other musculoskeletal causes of priority symptoms. Results in pain relief, relaxing tight muscles and potentially increasing joint ranges of motion.
    • Cupping /IASTM: negative pressure muscle relief.  When deep tissue isn’t deep enough, cupping works! Cupping during massage to assist in muscle adhesions, tightness, tender points, cellulite, and energy blocks. Providing increased circulation for removal of waste products from tight muscle knots, allowing adhered tissues to release and increase healing, addresses stagnant blood and energy preventing optimal healing, relaxing as well as relieving. Amazing results you have to experience to believe!
    • Myo-Fascial release : slow stretching of the muscle and fascia. Efficient healing for chronic pain symptoms or postural imbalances.
    • Thai yoga : stretching compression style of massage performed on a floor mat with the client fully clothed, and the practitioner guiding the client through stretches and compressive massage through energy lines (acupuncture-like meridians) and tense areas.
    • IASTM or Gua – Sha : Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization for Fascial and Pain release.  Between the muscle and skin there is a layer of fibrous connective tissue called fascia. After musculoskeletal injury or hard workouts, this layer can develop what are called myofascial adhesions (excessive collagen cross-links). Myofascial adhesions can be released with IASTM to improve range of motion and prevent chronic pain.
    • Reflexology : foot massage with the purpose of massaging reflex areas of the feet corresponding to the rest of the body. helpful with relaxation, headaches, and any organ/muscle imbalance.
    • Aromatherapy : Potent Essential Oils may be used to promote your healing, decrease inflamation of the body tissues, and help relaxation of the nervous system.


Why Choose Naturopathic Bodywork? –  Massage/Bodywork in general has a variety of health benefits, however; holistic naturopathic bodywork is capable of creating a significant improvement in your whole body because of its all encompassing approach.  I use IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation/Massage) with cups and gua sha to get deeper into the tight adhered muscles which allows a more pronounced healing to happen.

During or after the massage, I may suggest some additional methods to better manage and maintain an optimal state of your own health.  Proper nutrition, stretches, exercises, breathing techniques, stress-reduction, or supplements can help extend the benefits of your massage.  This makes Naturopathic bodywork perfect as not only a treatment tool but a preventative tool.

I believe true health involves the dynamic balance in BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.  Incorporating massage or bodywork into your wellness program is a perfect way for you to achieve balance within your physical, mental, emotional body.  Have you ever heard of the term: “muscle memory”? Muscles can hold on to memories and emotions that may be released when stretched and worked on during a bodywork session.  Allowing the blood, lymph, and musculoskeletal system to move through increased ranges of motion either passively (getting a massage) or actively (exercise/yoga/stretching), can improve your overall health.

You do not need to be a fitness warrior or a zen master to enjoy the benefits of these practices.   Bodywork helps your mind fall into a meditative healing state, and your body move into a physically healing state.


Thai Yoga (offered soon)

Thai yoga massage sessions are performed on a padded mat on the floor to give the practitioner better leverage in deep muscle stretching and joint release for the client. Typical sessions last one to two hours, and clients remain fully dressed in loose, comfortable clothing.

Using their hands, knuckles, elbows and feet, the practitioner employs a series of movements to stretch the client’s entire body and apply point pressure intended to open the body’s energy channels or sen. Considered both a therapeutic and meditative treatment, Thai bodywork not only improves flexibility, circulation and range of motion but also centers the body and mind.