10 day sugar cleanse!

Alright people,

It’s holiday time, and usually the time between Halloween and New Years is a “free for all” with candy, cookies, sweets, pumpkin lattes, egg nog, oh my stomach hurts just thinking about this!

What helps many of my patients curve their cravings and improve their energy, sleep, appetite, weight, complexion, mood, is to really work on removing sugar from their diet.

Sugar cleanses are difficult alone, so let me be your guide.  I use two different guides and really make it individualized for you, the patient; however, I am planning on doing a group cleanse after the New Year, January 2016.

If you would like to meet before 2016, and see me as a patient, I can guide you through a cleanse starting in December 2015 for a discounted price.

Here is the tentative schedule:

  • •  Friday, Dec. 4 – Begin 10-day program
  • •  Sunday, Dec. 13 – Last day of program
  • •  Monday-Friday (Dec. 14-18) – follow-up


  • Let me know! @drvitality@gmail.com or contact

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