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Nutrition is so important to our health, it is fundamentally the source of our health, or disease.

“You are what you eat”. Body, Mind, and Mood.

As a certified nutrition coach and licensed Naturopathic doctor, my goal is to help you improve your nutrition in the most natural and effective way possible, to optimize your total health and achieve any goals.  From “detox” cleansing plans, to diet assessments, recipe planning, condition-specific food lists, shopping guidelines, and food intolerance testing, finding the best diet for you to LIVE with is the best way to LIVE.  Inflammation, chronic disease, “idiopathic” symptoms may all be helped with the right diet/food choices/meal timing/macro counting.

Dr. Celeste is excited to add to her clinical nutrition medical education with her updated Precision Nutrition coaching certification, to best guide you towards your individualized nutrition and lifestyle plan.  With new assessment tools and coaching guidelines, every step of your nutrition plan and healthy life success will be catered towards your needs in a very simple easy to follow plan.  From diets to food psychology, Dr. Celeste will be able to help you achieve and maintain your optimal wellness.

There may be food intolerances that can get in the way of your optimal diet and weight goals.  Dr. Celeste may recommend a food intolerance blood test or to try an elimination, reintroduction diet plan.  These can help isolate intolerances and inflammatory foods, as well as help you start getting back on track with a healthier diet.   Food intolerance lab testing can be used here to help narrow down the foods that are more inflammatory to your body and immune system, causing potentially very complex and seemingly disconnected symptoms.  Dr. Celeste can maneuver and explain through the physiology of health and disease, helping to guide you towards a specific food and lifestyle plan for YOU !

Healing the gut is also very important.  There are a few major ways to help heal the gut, through diet, stress management, as well as a select few effective supplements to fill in those “leaky gut” gaps.  Sometimes it is how your body deals with the food you are ingestion, more than the food itself.  Any limiting diet should not be a life-long punishment.  Healing the gut with her protocol specifically tailored for each client, can help you potentially add foods back in to your diet with finally less symptoms.

Dr. Celeste has recently been experimenting and researching the KETOGENIC diet with great results and findings.  If you are interested in how to start this low carb, high fat, brain boosting, fat burning diet, let’s get started today!

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