Advanced Stability/Yoga Ball Workout

If you’ve been working out with an exercise ball for a while, you may be ready to try something new and more challenging – the following moves target the  abs, back, legs and upper body.  This is a great alternative to traditional ab work or you can add these exercises onto your other strength training … More Advanced Stability/Yoga Ball Workout

Your Brain on Exercise

Posted: 04/24/2015 2:57 pm EDT  Updated: 06/24/2015 5:59 am EDT Dr. Claudia Aguirre Mind-Body Expert, Resident Neuroscientist at Headspace I am pushing sixty. That is enough exercise for me. — Mark Twain Diet and exercise. The importance of both was known to the earliest humans, but today we know much more about how food and exercise affects our minds … More Your Brain on Exercise

My Search for the perfect Bodywork method

As a Naturopathic Physician, Bodyworker, and Personal Trainer, I have training in naturopathic manipulation therapies (spinal adjustments with or without a “chiropractic crack”), swedish, deep tissue, zero balancing, thai yoga, and a few other specific bodywork therapies, I find myself trying to find THE best style for all of my patients.  This is difficult, because none of … More My Search for the perfect Bodywork method

Heartburn forever fixed?

First, it is important to figure out why you are having that nagging burning irritating symptom of Heartburn. Start by writing down a diet diary x 7 days, with symptoms – include drinks as well.  There’s also the option of a food allergy test. Foods, overeating, drugs, medications, and physical activates can weaken the Lower Esophageal Sphincter … More Heartburn forever fixed?

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai-style Bodywork, unlike conventional table-type massage, achieves that integration and also increases conscious awareness, by celebrating the idea of Bliss in the Body rather than getting relief from the body by zoning out and separating consciousness from physical reality. Thai bodywork addresses and combines techniques usually found isolated in the western physiotherapies including Trigger Point Treatments, Myofascial Techniques, Neuro Muscular therapy, and … More Thai Yoga Bodywork


There are thousands of different chemicals in the environment that may cause adverse human health effects. Little is known about the toxicological properties of most of these chemicals.  Additives, preservatives and coloring agents, pasteurization & homogenization of our dairy industry, non-organic foods poisoned by pesticides and herbicides that suppress our immune and endocrine systems, low … More DETOX

UNDA Biotherapeutic (cellular) Drainage Therapy

Use of the UNDA numbers encourages restoration of normal function, which is the aim of natural medicine. They do this in five ways: Support the detoxification systems within each cell and the detoxifying organ systems such as the liver and kidneys Balance the homeostatic systems (those that seek to regulate the body: the nervous system, … More UNDA Biotherapeutic (cellular) Drainage Therapy

Health and Wellness Coaching

Health coaching is a real, evidence based practice, that can be used to more effectively treat and prevent disease/imbalance for optimal health and wellness. Unfortunately, Shakeology and other “health coach” companies do not provide proper training and medical education for their potential health coaches, which then harms the official “health coach” terminology.  Just be careful, and make … More Health and Wellness Coaching