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“I could not recommend Celeste more highly as a personal trainer, wellness coach, doctor, and therapist. She changed my life as well as several friends. She helped me to lose 15 pounds as well as resolve long standing issues I had with my body image and self esteem. She helped me learn wellness habits that I will use for the rest of my life. I have worked with several trainers, and none can compare to Celeste’s ability to read a person’s individual needs. She’s also incredibly flexible, giving, and focused. If you want to change your life, work with Celeste.”
Client and Psychotherapist professional
“Celeste is always willing to help others in their career and other goals. She is very giving and takes time to give her best in all that she does. Celeste is a professional with an enthusiasm for her work that shows in all that she does.”
Lynn R.
Former coworker at BSC
“Celeste is a highly knowledgeable personal trainer, nutritionist and homeopathic doctor. When showing me proper methods for strength training, she would always explain, with detail, how even the smallest improvements would impact my results. Each and every recommendation she has made, I have integrated into my routine and they have made all the difference. Of all the nutrition questions I have, Celeste not only recommends one idea or the other, but she explains the entire idea behind why everyone has different experiences with one food vs another. She is always in a great mood, and has a very positive aura to her”
Ben V.
Personal Training client

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