Wellness Rising entrance picSince October 1st, 2016, Wellness Rising LLC moved into a private loft office space in Fitness Rising LLC / JC Fitness @Sayles Mills in Lincoln, RI.  This has become a perfect match for fitness, wellness, and bodywork.

Sayles Mill is located between Rt 146 and Rt 295, only 2 miles from Capaldi Chiropractic (former location).

Wellness Rising will be accessible though the shared main entrance to the gym, and will also have a more private entrance if you do not want to walk through the main gym.

Parking is free, and you have two options

1. The main parking lot (1st entrance off Walker street, lake will be on the left upon entry)

2. 2nd parking lot entrance (lake will be on your right). Wellness Rising private entrance will be more closely accessible to this parking lot, over the walk bridge, door to the left before the big truck tires.

Here are a few pictures to help with directions:

21245753_10155576394405353_1673188286_oThe second location was exclusively for Ocean State Crossfit members, but is currently opening its doors for clients that are closer to the Cranston, RI location.  Please contact Dr. Celeste for more details – 401-742-4531, drceleste@wellnessrisingllc.com .