My Search for the perfect Bodywork method

As a Naturopathic Physician, Bodyworker, and Personal Trainer, I have training in naturopathic manipulation therapies (spinal adjustments with or without a “chiropractic crack”), swedish, deep tissue, zero balancing, thai yoga, and a few other specific bodywork therapies, I find myself trying to find THE best style for all of my patients.  This is difficult, because none of my patients are exactly the same; however, as much as my patients would like to call themselves special and unique, there are many similarities between my patients I see as a Naturopathic Physician.  They are different however from my clients I see at the gym or those I run with in soccer or obstacle course races.  The main difference is exercise – all or nothing, really.  The main similarities are relatively poor posture and high stress lives.  There must be a few things that I can use for most of my patients and clients to help them all…  with bodywork, I am still learning and FASCINATED with the fascia, neuromuscular work, proprioceptive failures, myoskeletal therapies, and postural issues.


Ortho-bionomy body therapy has been very effective for treating injuries, pain associated with structural and postural imbalances, and chronic stress. It works towards creating improved flexibility, reduction of muscle tension, improved circulation, soothing joints, an increased range of motions, and full body relaxation. The positive effects of the therapy tend to be long lasting. Sometimes just a few sessions is enough to feel the difference, while other times a longer period of time may be needed to help re-educate the body into healthier reactions and responses. It truly is a unique form of body re-education that relieves pain and promotes self healing. Ortho-bionomy shows people how they can be continuously at ease emotionally and physically, and may also have positive effects on their emotions and attitudes.

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