The Many Ways Dr. Celeste at Wellness Rising LLC Can Guide You Towards Your Optimal Health In Mind, Body, and Spirit: 

Services Offered: (click here for prices and details on how to schedule)


1. Swedish relaxing full body therapeutic

2. Sports Massage/Deep tissue

4. Cupping Therapy

5. Gua Sha (IASTM)

6. Myofascial release



Naturopathic Medicine

1. Complementary 15 minute phone consultation

2. Initial intake: 75-90 minutes

3. Follow up visits: 20-45 minutes

4. 10-28 day Detox/Cleanse Guided Programs

5. Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

6. Health, Wellness, Lifestyle coaching

7. 3-12 month Program Packages that can include most of the above for an affordable investment


Beauty/Spa/Fat loss

1. Ultrasound cavitation – body

2. Radiofrequency skin tightening – body or face

3. US/RF fat cavitation plus skin tightening – body



Travel Services

1. Wellness Fairs

2. Chair Massage Events

3. Health Wellness Fitness Presentations



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*discounts may be available, including first time visits, shortened visits, and of course for FITNESS RISING active clients!

All fees due at time of or before service.

Supplements are not included in above pricing. Taxes included (supplements).

Cancelation fee (excluding emergency exceptions) : 100% scheduled office visit if canceled within 24 hours, this will be due at time of cancelation/before follow up visit may be scheduled.

Please try to give at least 24 hours notice via email/phone message/front desk, and we will reschedule as necessary. This fee is in place to allow Dr. Ruland to be able to schedule accordingly so that all patients can be seen as early as requested.  401.742.4531