Cold and Flu plan by a Naturopathic Physician

How to Stave Off Colds, Flus by Dr Celeste Ruland, ND LMT CPT: Steps You Can Take When you first feel yourself becoming sick, there are things you can do to avoid becoming ill or to shorten the duration of the illness.  These suggestions are especially helpful if you do them early on – as … More Cold and Flu plan by a Naturopathic Physician

Takes One to Know One…

Adrenal fatigue…Hypothryoidism…Tendonitis…Broken bones…Sore, achey muscles…Sprained ankles…Injured hamstring…Anxiety…Depression…Food Intolerances…Lactose Intolerance…Headaches…Insomnia…Fatigue…Family history of too much to list…MTHFR gene mutations (A/C)…Crossfit…Soccer…OCR…Runner…Runner’s knee…SHALL I GO ON? TMI?  Nah.  I’m an open book.  I don’t hide behind a facade, and I hope you don’t feel you need to either (however, your medical information is NEVER shared with anyone else HIPAA!!!). … More Takes One to Know One…

Personal Story, and why I am here for YOU!

About Dr. Celeste’s journey here, for a better YOU: I formed Wellness Rising llc after more than 20 years of professional experience in health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. From growing up in a family of macrobiotic, massage therapist, Aikido practicing, spiritual ashram dwellers, and natural healers (as parents), realizing my athleticism and love for fitness at a … More Personal Story, and why I am here for YOU!

Fat Facts

With the endless avenues for information and “education” comes even more wrong turns. We are inundated with information from so many biased, improperly-researched “sources” in our time. Remember statistics class? Or do you not… I was fascinated by this class, as it empowered and educated me on how to weed out false and biased information in … More Fat Facts

Aromatherapy research

So, I have been made aware of a webinar series put together by a group of health and wellness experts speaking about natural ways to CURE and PREVENT cancer! “The Truth About Cancer”.  Listening to these sessions have motivated me to further my research on many things including the use of essential oils. Here is … More Aromatherapy research

My Search for the perfect Bodywork method

As a Naturopathic Physician, Bodyworker, and Personal Trainer, I have training in naturopathic manipulation therapies (spinal adjustments with or without a “chiropractic crack”), swedish, deep tissue, zero balancing, thai yoga, and a few other specific bodywork therapies, I find myself trying to find THE best style for all of my patients.  This is difficult, because none of … More My Search for the perfect Bodywork method