Just Say No (not that easy)

How to Make it Easier to Eat Clean and Healthy:

  1. Clean out your pantry.
    If the processed stuff isn’t in your house, it will be harder to eat!
  2. Start meal planning.
    Check what you have on hand, choose recipes (both old and new), go grocery shopping, write up the menu for all to see (incorporating leftovers), get cooking, and remember to be flexible.
  3. Adopt a grocery routine.
    Having a routine will save you time. To help you stay on track, pick one day a week when you will meal plan and grocery shop.
  4. Prep cook – double up! And get a freezer.
    When you cook everything from scratch, leftovers are king! With extra freezer space, you can save items beyond dinner for a rainy day (such as muffins, bread, pancakes, soup, and more). So double your recipes and freeze the extra.
  5. Upgrade kitchen tools and small appliances.
    Having the right tools (and enough of them) can make all the difference when you have to spend a little more time in the kitchen.
  6. Delegate.
    Get your family members involved with meal planning, food shopping, cooking, dishes, and more. It can be nice quality time together and a great opportunity to teach your little ones important life skills.
  7. Convert picky eaters.
    It can take many months or even years to change the mind of a picky eater, but the moral of the story is to never give up. I never say, “Don’t put that on her plate because she doesn’t like it.” We just try over and over again until we get a win. Be patient, it will happen!
  8. Keep it fun!
    Trying new foods and recipes can be fun. Food has been bringing people together for centuries. So remember, it’s much more than just a delivery vehicle for nutrients.

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