Heartburn forever fixed?

First, it is important to figure out why you are having that nagging burning irritating symptom of Heartburn. Start by writing down a diet diary x 7 days, with symptoms – include drinks as well.  There’s also the option of a food allergy test.

Foods, overeating, drugs, medications, and physical activates can weaken the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES), overtime causing heartburn. Foods that cause acid reflux include coffee, peppermint, spearmint, sugar, chocolate, onions, caffeinated beverages, soda, butter, mayonnaise, whole milk, and fried or greasy foods. Avoid acid reflux foods as much as possible.

Other than the main “reflux” foods, other food allergies or intolerances may cause GERD or heartburn due to the indigestion or inflammation caused by these foods and your body’s reaction to them. Avoiding the main allergenic foods may help you as well – wheat, dairy, corn, sugar, eggs, bananas!!

(do not stop taking drugs prescribed by your doctor without his/her permission) Some drugs may weaken the LES, include NSAID’s, bronchodilators, channel blockers, beta-blockers, anti anxiety drugs, and nitroglycerine. The sooner you remove these drugs from your system, the sooner your LES can repair and become strong again.
Specific physical activities also have been known to weaken the LES. To strengthen the LES watch your movements to get relief for your acid reflux. Bending at the waist, lifting heavy objects, straining during bowel movements, and coughing increase the pressure within the stomach. Anytime there is increased stomach pressure it can cause the LES valve to open. Also, lying down after eating increases the likelihood of food flowing back into the esophagus putting pressure on the LES to open. Avoid eating right before bedtime; rather eat dinner 3 hours before bed.

Hiatal Hernia quick morning exercise:
• Drink a glass of room temperature or slightly warm water when you get out of bed in the morning. (Skip the coffee, tea, juice, and cold water—just drink warm water.)
• While standing, bring your arms straight out from your sides and bend your elbows so your hands are touching your chest.
• Stand up on your toes as high as possible and drop down. You should get a pretty good jolt. Drop down like this 10 times continuously.
• Then, while standing with your arms up in the air, breathe short quick breaths with your mouth open for about 15 seconds. That’s it.

You are essentially forcing your stomach out of the hole. The warm water acts as a weight in the stomach, while relaxing the stomach muscles as well. The breathing at the end helps close the diaphragm and the hole where your stomach was lodged.

2 thoughts on “Heartburn forever fixed?

  1. I have to take a beta blocker for my heart. I can’t stop taking this medication….any suggestions.

    1. Hi Linda, if you would like health or medical suggestions, I would be more than happy to help you! I unfortunately legally and ethically can not treat without knowing your full history and situation, so I do offer telemedicine appointments through a HIPAA server. Feel free to message me directly to set that up so I may best assist you with your health concerns and goals. -Dr Celeste

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