Resolutions with a different Perspective.

I have started to (realize that I needed to) apply my own health/life coaching skills to my own life. 2017 will be the year we heal together. Here are some things that are helpful! – Celeste Jenny Ruland

1. Discover everyday pleasure and Experience the NOW:
Try and find enjoyment in even the most mundane tasks – these are usually the easiest times to learn how to “meditate”. For example, when doing dishes, try to BE THERE and feel the warm water, slow down and breath… experience the moment.

2. Zoom out from your instant perspective:
Do you remember situations that once seemed so upsetting and now seem humorous? We take ourselves so seriously! If you are going to laugh at yourself in the future, why wait?

3. Be on your own team:
We are our own worst critics. It’s time to stop that. Instead, become your own cheerleader. POSITIVITY: Switch to a more positive focus daily and notice the difference it makes to your entire wellbeing, outlook, and life events. Try to look in the mirror in the morning and say “What I like about myself is…”

4. Acknowledge others:
Celebrating someone else is a powerful gift, and can make all parties feel fulfilled. It builds intimacy and trust and feels good to the receiver as well as the giver. It’s easy to practice with anyone: a spouse, family member, friend, the teller at the bank (appropriately). Simply pause a moment, allow yourself to be with the person and vocalize what you appreciate about them. Note: Try to acknowledge them for their qualities and who they ARE (i.e. being kind, generous, bold, attentive…) as opposed to what they DO or how they look.

5. Find a way to Celebrate everything:
This could be the most challenging one! I believe that in every situation we can find something to celebrate if we look for it. There is certainly no shortage of suffering in people’s personal lives and in the world, so how can anyone celebrate when there are horrific pictures on the news? Well, maybe trying to celebrate the compassion it evokes in them, or the anger it brings up that fuels action for CHANGE. Try to see how a challenging situation evoked an action, decision, emotion, or thought worth celebrating…

From darkness there will be light. In light there is darkness, this is YIN/YANG!

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