Dr. Celeste’s Education and Expertise

Professional Experience

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor — 2007-Present

  • Treating and assessing patients with naturopathic medicine, functional lab review, clinical nutrition, supplementation, and bodywork therapy.  I have worked with MDs, NDs, and other health practitioners to assist each patient in finding the most natural methods to treat and prevent acute and chronic diseases.

Personal Fitness Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor: Town Sports International: Boston Sports Clubs, Cambridge, MA and Providence, RI — 2007-2014

  • I personally recruited and sold personal training programs to gym members. Motivated and held clients responsible for workouts with and without my supervision. Performed multiple biomechanics and anthropometric measurements on a regular basis to provide individualized and accurate training programs and progressions.  Group Exercise Instructor for up to 7 classes weekly: ex: Club Strength, Total Body Conditioning, Functional Training, Core, Vbarre, Abdominals, Boot camp, UFX.

Account Manager/Wellness Coordinator, Fitness Works at Work, boston, MA — 2008

  • Administration and implementation of corporate wellness programs, as well as fitness services for large corporations. Duties include organizing and marketing wellness and fitness events, designing and delivering creative health promotion programs and workshops that engage employees, setting up individual fitness programs and teaching 3 group exercise classes per week.

Anatomy Lab teaching assistant: National College of Naturopathic Medicine — 2002-2004

  • Supervised and tutored students during Medical Anatomy Lab. Administered, proctored, and graded Anatomy lab exams weekly under supervision of Anatomy Professors.


  • 2011-2015 – Community College of Rhode Island and Lincoln Technical Institute Therapeutic Massage, Licensed Massage Therapist
  • 2007-present – National Academy of Sports Medicine  Certified Personal Trainer (OPT model)
  • 2002-2006 – National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM); Portland, OR  Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine,  Certificate in Homeopathy
  • 2002 – American Council on Exercise : Certified Personal Trainer
  • 1998-2002 – Boston University; Boston, MA  Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology and Premedical studies Honors: Cum Laude

Professional Development

  • 2021 Yoga Teacher RYT 200 (My Vinyasa Practice) – in progress
  • 2021 Scar Tissue Therapist
  • 2021 Master Herbalist certification (Centre of Excellence) – in progress
  • 2019 Stretch and Flexibility certification (Pain Posture Performance)
  • 2019 Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coaching certification (Precision Nutrition)
  • 2017 Life Coach certification (The Strategic Life Coaching Academy)
  • 2016 Gua Sha certification (Learn GuaSha)
  • 2016 Cupping Massage Certification (ACE cupping)
  • 2016 Myofascial Release Therapy Certification – Lower body (Walt Fritz)
  • 2016 Thai Bodywork Certification (Surya Thai)
  • 2015 Nutrition Response Testing (Standard Process)
  • 2015 Morphogenic Field Technique (Standard Process)
  • 2015 UNDA Biotherapeutic Drainage seminar (Seroyal)
  • 2015 Thai Bodywork Certification – level 1 (Northern Style)
  • 2014 Metagenics First Line Therapy Certified Practitioner (Metagenics)
  • 2013 -2014 Vice President of Rhode Island Naturopathic Association
  • 2013 Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification (NASM)
  • 2012 VBarre Certified Instructor Apogee/TSI 2011 Kettlebell Concepts Certified Kettlebell Instructor
  • 2008 Core Zero Balancing II (The Zero Balancing Health Association)
  • 2008 Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Training certification
  • 2007 National Academy of Sports Medicine: CPT, OPT model
  • 2006 Advanced Endocrinology 2005 Alzheimer seminar: Oregon Health and Sciences University
  • 2005 Homeopathic clinical seminar: Henny Heuden Mast’s 5 days
  • 2005 I.V. seminar: Basic and Advanced I.V. therapies
  • 2004 The Zero Balancing Health Association: Core Zero Balancing I
  • 2003 Advanced Immunology seminar

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