I am here to help you

I was trying to write up this perfect post with organized information on health, wellness, virus prevention, stress reduction, home-living management tools, etc etc.  It is still a work-in-progress, but since every day for me feels like a week, I decided not to wait any longer to send out this initial, simple communication to all … More I am here to help you

Digestive health tips

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope you all had an amazing summer (no – it is NOT over yet).So, apparently September is Digestive month, but thankfully I am filled with a ton of tricks up my sleeve to support your digestion, so I’m ready for it, are you?  Please read to learn more about some … More Digestive health tips

Safer Summers

  Your SKIN is your largest organ Don’t let scary chemicals seep through your skin and enter your body without even knowing!  More news is coming out about the dangers of the chemicals in sunscreens (just when you thought it was safe to go outside…).  Honestly I love my coconut oil and diet filled with … More Safer Summers

Mental Health Benefits of Self-Care

Mental Health Benefits of Self-Care – by Brad Krause – self care expert. “Self-care” is the new buzzword for holistic healing methods. Specific types of self-care are dictated by individual need, but have been shown to help alleviate physical and emotional stress. Self-care helps athletes perform better and leaders in business and government work more … More Mental Health Benefits of Self-Care

More F.A.Q. about Ultrasound Fat Cavitation Procedure for fat loss.

IS ULTRASOUND CAVITATION A SAFE PROCEDURE? Yes, It is safe, comfortable, non-invasive procedure with no known side-effects. The ultrasound energy only targets the fatty tissue layer beneath the skin and does not affect the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. IS ULTRASOUND CAVITATION PROCEDURE PAINFUL? No, it is pain free. The only discomfort come from … More More F.A.Q. about Ultrasound Fat Cavitation Procedure for fat loss.