Back to School… health tips

Back to school can bring up different emotions for any one of us! Here are a few things I’d like to bring up regarding the beginning of the school year. Traffic (school buses, dropping kids off, picking them up, etc). plan ahead, or change your route – that’s all I can say about this.. Immunity … More Back to School… health tips

Takes One to Know One…

Adrenal fatigue…Hypothryoidism…Tendonitis…Broken bones…Sore, achey muscles…Sprained ankles…Injured hamstring…Anxiety…Depression…Food Intolerances…Lactose Intolerance…Headaches…Insomnia…Fatigue…Family history of too much to list…MTHFR gene mutations (A/C)…Crossfit…Soccer…OCR…Runner…Runner’s knee…SHALL I GO ON? TMI?  Nah.  I’m an open book.  I don’t hide behind a facade, and I hope you don’t feel you need to either (however, your medical information is NEVER shared with anyone else HIPAA!!!). … More Takes One to Know One…

Referral Rewards

Hey everyone!  I have so many amazing clients, and probably 90% of you were referrals from someone somewhere.  That’s one of the beauties of Rhode Island, right?! I am grateful for your referrals, and I hope I get to help as many people as I can, especially the people YOU care about the most!!  I mean, … More Referral Rewards

Personal Story, and why I am here for YOU!

About Dr. Celeste’s journey here, for a better YOU: I formed Wellness Rising llc after more than 20 years of professional experience in health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. From growing up in a family of macrobiotic, massage therapist, Aikido practicing, spiritual ashram dwellers, and natural healers (as parents), realizing my athleticism and love for fitness at a … More Personal Story, and why I am here for YOU!

Happy New Year – 10% off + free download

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2017 brings health wealth love and happiness to everyone.  I wanted to start this year with a healthy incentive.  I want to first thank everyone for your awesome reviews on my webpage!!  I also want to apologize if all those notifications are annoying  – please give me feedback … More Happy New Year – 10% off + free download

Who wants a Therapeutic Stretch Class?

Now that I am established at Fitness Rising’s facility, let’s bring Wellness to Fitness… Here is an explanation of different Yoga styles Yoga Styles All movement yoga is “hatha” yoga.  Other types of yoga (non-movement) include the four main paths of Yoga – Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga. Each is suited to a different temperament or approach to life. I … More Who wants a Therapeutic Stretch Class?

Cupping Bodywork Benefits

Cupping is my go-to add-on to any bodywork therapy for muscle aches and pains, postural imbalances, athletic improvements, and cellulite treatments.  What’s not to love?! The silicone cups I use during my massage sessions enhance the massage’s therapeutic value exponentially – just ask any one of my clients!  There are so many benefits, with only … More Cupping Bodywork Benefits