About Wellness Rising LLC

  • My Mission: To listen to your concerns and then correctly guide you towards OPTIMAL WELLNESS, a PAIN-FREE life, with improved MOBILITY, ENERGY and MOOD.
    • Doctor of Naturopathic holistic medicine, as your health and wellness guide.
    • Individualized health-care rather than disease-care.
    • Integration of western and eastern therapies.
    • Lifestyle and nutrition recommendations for your optimal health.
    • Decrease pain and improve mobility with massage, bodywork, IASTM, cupping, gua sha, topical therapeutic essential oils.
    • Improve sleep, energy, hormones, mood, digestion, weight, life.
    • Achieve fitness and body composition goals, correct and improve posture.
    • Empowerment and education for your best present and future health.
  • Together we create a plan to support your body’s most important needs, and to educate and empower you to make lasting changes in your health and life.
  • RISE to optimal health.

Wellness Rising LLC was established by Dr. J. Celeste Ruland with the goal to help each individual achieve their own optimal health.

Are you ready to make healthy changes in your life?

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Recent guest speaking/seminars/events:

2017: Ocean State Crossfit: Ocean State’s Finest official Massage Therapist to the 2017 Crossfit Games athletes!

4/25-26/2017: Beast of the East – Rugby tournament guest massage therapist

11/2016: Navigate Credit Union Wellness week – branch chair massage therapy

10/5/2016:  Navigant Credit Union – Health and Wellness Day – Lincoln, RI.

4/2016: NEW ENGLAND STATES GOVERNMENT FINANCE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION – Waltham Woods April 7-8, 2016  “Wellness 101: First world problems and solutions”

4/2016: GLOW: Ladies Night Out –  Guest Chair Massage Therapist. Bristol, RI @FitnessFusionRI.com