New Facebook page for Cleanse/Detox

With all of the interest in the many detoxes and cleanses out there, I decided to display the cleanses I trust on this site. I am inviting anyone to enjoy this page and start a cleanse with friends, family, coworkers, or “alone”.

Whenever you purchase a cleanse/detox program using one of my websites/codes, I will include two complimentary phone consultations each lasting up to 30 minutes (usually more than enough time) to gather information and get you right on track to a healthier you while following your cleanse information. 

It is useful to use one complementary consult before you start your program, and then one at the end to learn how to safely and effectively “reintroduce” more foods back in to your diet.  If you feel you need to speak or meet with me more than twice (many do, so don’t feel bad!), contact me and we can set that up with my cleanse discount visit price.

I look forward to helping as many people get the RIGHT information SPECIFIC for each individual, using MEDICALLY researched cleanse programs. There are so many out there, and the ones here are a few I have used and still use successfully for my clients!

Metagenics Clear Change 10 or 28 day cleanse with UltraClear Renew or UltraClear plus pH (any flavor!)

I really do like the quick 10 day “jumpstart” cleanse with Metagenics.  I edit the above cleanses a bit, depending if you need a real detox or if you just need a jumpstart to a healthier diet and lifestyle.  (contact me for YOUR specifications).  Also feel free to use the links above and below to order more than just the cleanse supplements.

Standard Process Purification Cleanse: 21 days

Link to more information on the SP purification:

To order online, you will need to contact me for my code for Standard Process.

    Patient Direct Icon

Many people after their SP Purification cleanse feel their entire outlook on food has changed.  This one promotes whole food, mostly plant based, with whole food supplements.  There are no serving sizes, but with the emphasis on plant-based food and very clean food choices, you can’t really fit any junk in those 21 days!  I DEFINITELY EDIT THE SUPPLEMENTS on this cleanse. So please please do not start without talking to me 🙂

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