Back to School… health tips

Back to school can bring up different emotions for any one of us! Here are a few things I’d like to bring up regarding the beginning of the school year. Traffic (school buses, dropping kids off, picking them up, etc). plan ahead, or change your route – that’s all I can say about this.. Immunity … More Back to School… health tips

Takes One to Know One…

Adrenal fatigue…Hypothryoidism…Tendonitis…Broken bones…Sore, achey muscles…Sprained ankles…Injured hamstring…Anxiety…Depression…Food Intolerances…Lactose Intolerance…Headaches…Insomnia…Fatigue…Family history of too much to list…MTHFR gene mutations (A/C)…Crossfit…Soccer…OCR…Runner…Runner’s knee…SHALL I GO ON? TMI?  Nah.  I’m an open book.  I don’t hide behind a facade, and I hope you don’t feel you need to either (however, your medical information is NEVER shared with anyone else HIPAA!!!). … More Takes One to Know One…

Referral Rewards

Hey everyone!  I have so many amazing clients, and probably 90% of you were referrals from someone somewhere.  That’s one of the beauties of Rhode Island, right?! I am grateful for your referrals, and I hope I get to help as many people as I can, especially the people YOU care about the most!!  I mean, … More Referral Rewards

Personal Story, and why I am here for YOU!

About Dr. Celeste’s journey here, for a better YOU: I formed Wellness Rising llc after more than 20 years of professional experience in health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. From growing up in a family of macrobiotic, massage therapist, Aikido practicing, spiritual ashram dwellers, and natural healers (as parents), realizing my athleticism and love for fitness at a … More Personal Story, and why I am here for YOU!

Happy New Year – 10% off + free download

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2017 brings health wealth love and happiness to everyone.  I wanted to start this year with a healthy incentive.  I want to first thank everyone for your awesome reviews on my webpage!!  I also want to apologize if all those notifications are annoying  – please give me feedback … More Happy New Year – 10% off + free download

My Search for the perfect Bodywork method

As a Naturopathic Physician, Bodyworker, and Personal Trainer, I have training in naturopathic manipulation therapies (spinal adjustments with or without a “chiropractic crack”), swedish, deep tissue, zero balancing, thai yoga, and a few other specific bodywork therapies, I find myself trying to find THE best style for all of my patients.  This is difficult, because none of … More My Search for the perfect Bodywork method