You have to start somewhere!

Where do you start?  That’s a heavy question.  Does it depend on your goals?  Does it matter what you are already started?  How do you even start?  I’ve been helping people as a wellness coach find out their goals, make a plan to achieve those goals, while using some helpful coaching tools in the process.  (Contact me below if you have questions or want help optimizing your wellness!)

It always helps me to write things down.  There’s this “new” “fad” out there called “Bullet Journaling“.  Essentially it’s making a list, but organizing tasks in to your own type of calendar in shorthand. Daily, monthly, yearly.  It brings us back to pen and paper (or pencil…), away from the subconscious reliance on digital means.  I remember when I was in school, I would write my notes out and remember them so much better than if I were to type them. I think Bullet Journaling is great, but it’s a little complex for me to figure out how to set up, so I’ve included a free weekly healthy journal that’s old school, and then some links for some free downloadable newer bullet journals.

So what if you have to have one more item, like a paper/leather journal…better than searching for wireless so you can access “the cloud” for your todo list.  I’m not saying digital to-do lists are bad, as they are great!  If you haven’t started a digital to do list, do it now.  My husband has been following his to-do list on his phone in some free app, and it has helped him get more focused on the day’s tasks.  It’s also a sense of accomplishment and motivation to make a check mark next to the task once it is complete.  I like crossing things off.  I like writing things down, turning a page and seeing it right there, and then crossing it off in a thick scribbly line 🙂

Here’s a simple FREE JOURNAL for you to download.healthjourneyjournal_3d

Can you believe how many bullet journal downloads there are now?  Here’s a list of some great bullet journal sites for you: (don’t feel you need to buy anything, just get some ideas and use a lined or unlined journal or notebook!)

If you have any questions on how to journal, or how to establish your goals etc, please feel free to contact me:

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