Simple Natural Home Cleansers

Toxic Chemicals in the home can be so harmful, especially to the young, sick or the elderly and most of the chemical cleaners, pesticides and even air fresheners that we use are simply not necessary. Here is a short list of few things found to work very well as substitutes and replacements for the mass produced “name-brand” chemicals you usually see on the shelves. They are natural to use and the cost is “pennies” compared to what you purchase at the store. Essential Oils are great as well!

1. Freshen carpets and neutralize odors by mixing about 20-25 drops of your favorite essential oil with about 2 cups of borax. Sprinkle this mixture onto the carpet, let it set for 1/2 hour to one hour and then vacuum.

2. Remove lingering tobacco odors by filling a small bowl or saucer with Apple Cider Vinegar and placing it in the room where the odor is. You will want to place it somewhere that is hidden from view but open to the air, like on top of the refigerator or on top of a book shelf or window sill. You may, at first, smell a hint of vinegar, but within a few days your room will smell fresh and clean.

3. You can make a very fragrant antibacterial air freshener by combining one cup of water and about 20 drops of your favirite essential oil in a spray bottle. Lavender works well, or also peppermint or lemon or grapefruit will perk up a room. Another option is to simmer spices in a pan on your stove. Add to about 3 or 4 cups of water, some cinnamon,cloves,nutmeg and even a little apple cider and let it simmer…remember to make sure to keep adding a little water so that the liquid does not completely evaporate.

4. Need an abrasive powder to help with scrubbing the pots and pans? Try adding a little salt or baking soda, let it set and then scrub clean.

5. Instead of bleach, use 1/2 cup of lemon juice in the rinse cycle of your clothes washer.

6. Clean your floors with a mixture of 1 cup of distilled vinegar, 1/2 cup of baking soda and a few drops of eucalyptus oil mixed in a bucket of warm water. Mop or scrub floors as usual. Cleans and refreshens the whole house!

7. Polish and clean your wood furniture with one tablespoon of olive oil per every 1/2 cup of lemon juice (or distilled vinegar may also be used)…shake well in a spray bottle and apply to wood surfaces. The lemon juice (or vinegar) draws dirt out of the wood and the oil helps to condition the wood. Also try rubbing in almond oil or olive oil to keep wood surfaces from becoming too dry, especially in the winter.
These are just a few ideas to use. I found them to work very well, even better that their “chemical” alternatives.

For more Natural Alternatives, make an appointment with Dr. Ruland

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