Personal Story, and why I am here for YOU!

About Dr. Celeste’s journey here, for a better YOU:


I formed Wellness Rising llc after more than 20 years of professional experience in health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. From growing up in a family of macrobiotic, massage therapist, Aikido practicing, spiritual ashram dwellers, and natural healers (as parents), realizing my athleticism and love for fitness at a young age, and balancing a strong body with an advanced and intelligent mind, of course Dr. Celeste (that’s me!) was destined to be a health and fitness expert.  

This path here; however, was not straight, outlined, or easy for me. I always seem(ed) to take the most challenging route (picture an overgrown forest with a narrow hunting trail, and then me, with a machete…). My parents taught me to question everything, but then to find the answer(s) by myself.  I found my path, and started running through the woods…started college courses while in high school, was the first to attend a University in my family, graduating BU early and with honors, becoming a personal trainer at 21 in California, and then moving to Portland, Oregon to attend Naturopathic Medical school, as one of the youngest in my class.

Let’s bring this back a bit.  Between college and medical school, I was focused on my personal training career, and got involved in some more serious dieting and intense exercise for almost one full year. These (un)healthy habits created a physiologic change in my health and body I could have never expected. Add this (stress) to the rigors of medical school (more stress) in addition to my perfectionist goals (even more stress) caused me to gain weight, feel fatigued, become anxious, and even lose hair. Luckily, at the time, I was attending naturopathic medical school in Portland, Oregon, where I had access to specific tests and treatments that allowed me to actually diagnose adrenal imbalance and hypothyroidism, and then seek effective treatment. Treating myself through my mid 20’s and then entering my 30’s healthier than ever, it became obvious that my experiences should be used as an advantage. This became my purpose.  But I didn’t realize it until in my late 30’s…yeah…like recently.  I guess I couldn’t let go of that machete, thinking I needed to continue to make my life harder than it should be.  But once I realized how many other people and patients have been through a similar health history like mine, my path became clearer.  You are right in front of me.  I found that I can easily help so many of you while holding a deeper understanding, empathy, and sympathy for you and your path, all while using my naturopathic medical eduction, personal training, fitness, and nutrition experience, well, you get the picture, right?

Healing myself, which did not happen overnight, was complex and included mind-body therapies including specific supplementation, exercise, nutrition, herbal medicine, mindfulness, patience, and overall positive lifestyle changes.  I realized from my own case, and from so many other patients, that any type of chronic STRESS negatively affected physiology (cortisol, adrenals, thyroid, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, etc etc).  MINDFULNESS, conscious breathing, chewing food, not overdoing cardio exercise, and making sure healthy carbohydrates were in the diet (at the right time) formed my BASIC TREATMENT GUIDELINES for almost every patient who wanted to see treatment success.

Now, my (hopefully obvious now) purpose, is to help others heal through this surprisingly COMMON group of symptoms. I know that your fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight gain, bloating, and even hair loss (or even other symptoms) are real, whether or not conventional labs confirm any “diagnosis”.   I hear you.  I understand you.  I trust you.

I understand that everyone’s story is different, and that is the best part about being a Naturopathic Doctor/Health Coach – I am educated and experienced in advanced holistic medical tools and healing techniques – to help each person through their own unique path, but hopefully with greater ease, to create their own JOURNEY TO WELLNESS, and maybe even find their PURPOSE too.

If you want more information about how I can help guide you to become healthier, contact me ! Email @ or send me a message through Facebook

I am entered in the Lurong Living Challenge from January 16-Feb 19th, after which I am immediately conducting a small group for the SP Cleanse with additional DETOX methods for LIFE, DIET, ENVIRONMENT.  Join me here!

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