UNDA Biotherapeutic (cellular) Drainage Therapy

Use of the UNDA numbers encourages restoration of normal function, which is the aim of natural medicine. They do this in five ways:

  1. Support the detoxification systems within each cell and the detoxifying organ systems such as the liver and kidneys
  2. Balance the homeostatic systems (those that seek to regulate the body: the nervous system, the hormonal system, and the cardiovascular system)
  3. Boost the efficiency of natural immunity (keeping out what is harmful at the level of the skin and mucous membranes, mounting a fever as a response to an infection, and eliminating toxic wastes)
  4. Intervene in cases of a disease which is manifesting, by restoring a healthy way of functioning thereby reducing then eliminating the disease manifestations
  5. Facilitate the action of single homeopathic remedies prescribed with them

One way the UNDA numbers work is that they encourage elimination through the body’s detoxification systems. You see, all cells require a specific environment with individualized nutrients, a narrow range of acid-base level, and the proper elimination of wastes to survive and function properly. Without efficient removal of wastes, the cell would function less than adequately or even die.

The effectiveness of the UNDA Numbers lies in their ability to reverse the process of toxic accumulations. These may be accumulations of material generated within the body by such things as stress, inadequate nutrition, or inadequate elimination. They may also be accumulations of materials such as metabolites from unassimilated synthetic medications such as antibiotics, or heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, and other pollutants.

This toxic accumulation suggests a need for cleansing at the intracellular level. This is different from other forms of detoxification such as fasting, colonics, herbal gall bladder flush, herbal remedies, vitamin and mineral therapies, and IV or oral chelation. The action of those therapies is mainly to discharge wastes that are already outside the cells and get it out of the body.
The UNDA remedies allow the optimal function of the liver, kidneys, and other organs of elimination (such as intestines, skin, lungs, urinary bladder, and the mucous membranes of the stomach, pancreas and genitals.) Then they draw toxins from inside the cells and enhance the free movement of toxins towards these outlets.

In the case of chronic disease, the UNDA Numbers permit drainage of congested diseased organs that have lost part of their function. The deep cleansing action allows them to enhance the enzyme systems to return tissues to effective function that is essential for the return to health.

In addition, the intracellular cleansing normalizes function of the glandular system, nervous system and heart and circulatory system. These systems are responsible for regulating the whole body.

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