New Year, New “diet” Mindset

Happy Holiday Season! This season may be more joyful or stressful for different people. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I aim to guide my patients and clients towards living their most joyful and healthiest lives with a balance in mind/body/spirit. Here’s something I’d like to provide you all with, for free!

8 week Emotional Eating/Detox/Cleanse starts Monday 12/13/21, but is live Now on my FREE facebook group:

More than just for emotional eating, this 8 week journey is meant to help you assess and determine your own path towards freedom from many types of imbalances. Self-awareness and correct Information are 2 of the most important aspects included in this 8 week informational journey.

I will try to do a few live or recorded video sessions as well to make this one more interactive than the last.

I would love to hear what I should help you with next as well! I have a 30 day Foundations to Wellness interactive course planned, but I am open to other ideas.