Safer Summers


Your SKIN is your largest organ

Don’t let scary chemicals seep through your skin and enter your body without even knowing!  More news is coming out about the dangers of the chemicals in sunscreens (just when you thought it was safe to go outside…).  Honestly I love my coconut oil and diet filled with antioxidants*, but if you’re looking for a higher SPF than coconut oil, and maybe some more information about safer products and habits, here you go:
Safer Skin guide 
Safer Sunscreen guide

Also – some of these and other chemical-free skin products can be found on my physician-supplement site: FULLSCRIPT (code: wellnessrising)

CBD products (full spectrum, isolate, topicals: for anxiety, sleep, pain, zen) – can only be purchased directly through my physician-account so message me with your requests!

Safer Skin guide
Safer Sunscreen guide

*studies show that if you ingest more ANTI-oxidants (colorful veggies/fruits), then your body will incur less OXIDATION from the sunlight, thus less inflammation and less side-effects from the sunlight’s damaging oxidizing effects.

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Food as Medicine

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CBD oils

General Patient Recommendations

  1. Start Low. Go Slow.  I recommend starting with 5mg dailyx3-4days, then increase to 8-10mgx3-4days, etc. until you find your dosage needed.
  2. CBD oils are slow-acting and long-lasting. Consume slowly and deliberately.
  3. There are no reported cases of lethality and CBD has minimal reported side effects, but beware of potential side effects at doses higher than 500mg per day.
  4. Always note the equivalency factor in dosing to calculate the quantity of mg being consumed per dose.
  5. Sublingual consumption is faster-acting that oral pill consumption.
  6. Drowsiness from CBD use is unlikely, but due to the varied effect per person, patients are encouraged to consume CBD-containing products in a safe and comfortable environment, at least for the first few weeks of use.