Wellness Rising and on-site Chair Massage

What is On-site Chair Massage?

Employers can now set up a day (or half-day) for their employees to enjoy 15-30 minute chair massages in their own office location!

Office chair massage is performed by a licensed and insured massage therapist while the client (employee) sits in a specialized massage chair. This chair is specifically designed to reduce pressure on the spinal column and joints.

The practitioner uses massage techniques to relieve tension mostly in the muscle groups of the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands.

Office chair massage sessions are usually 15 or 20 minutes in duration but can be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes (or longer).

Do I have to get undressed?

No. You remain fully clothed; however, a tank top can be worn if you would like massage oils to be used for cupping and gua sha treatments. Total privacy is not necessary and it is perfectly acceptable to observe or receive chair massage in public.

What about liability?

All massage therapists who represent Wellness Rising are certified with a minimum of 2 years experience, and carry a minimum $2 million professional liability insurance.

How much does it cost?

Wellness Rising on-site chair massage prices are competitive and even more affordable when a package of sessions are purchased.

There are no hidden fees and the only additional charge may be a travel fee for remote locations or a parking fee.

For a one-day session, the hourly rate is $70/hour.

For regular monthly sessions, the hourly rate decreases to $60/hour with a minimum commitment of 4 months.

Minimum of 4 hours booked with a 30 minute break is preferred.

Exceptions may be made based on special circumstances.

How do I book an appointment?

Call or e-mail us directly: drceleste@wellnessrisingllc.com, 401-742-4531.  We will provide a schedule sheet (shared via google docs) so that employees may schedule for your day of on-site chair massage.

How much space is needed?

A 5’x6′ area is sufficient per chair/practitioner. A board room or unused office works well, but we can set up just about anywhere.

Are gratuities or tips expected?

Gratuities are not expected; however, graciously appreciated. Many company’s include an extra 15% for gratuity. Completely optional!

Do you service my area?

Wellness Rising will travel anywhere in Rhode Island.  Contact us if you are interested in on-site chair massage in your workplace!

How will my company benefit from this service?

Studies have shown:

A return on investment of $3.40 for every dollar invested in wellness initiatives as shown by reduced turnover, increased productivity and decreased insurance claims

– Health Canada

Regular 15-minute chair massage sessions result in decreased job stress, better performance, and increased speed and accuracy on math computations

– International Journal of Neuroscience 86, 197-205

Other benefits of just 15-20 minutes chair massage:

1. Reduces stress

A whopping 85% stress reduction! Stress levels measured before and after each massage found one of the biggest benefits of seated massage therapy to be a seriously effective office stress reliever.

2. Decreases anxiety and depression

One of the big benefits of office massages is that massage reduces anxiety by 26% and depression scores also improve by 28% after the massage.

3. Relieves muscle tension and pain

Back pain is literally cut in half with regular corporate chair massages. A decrease of 48% decrease was seen in the studies on back pain and tension.

4. Improves quality of sleep

Over multiple studies, the average improvement in sleep quality was 28%. That includes increased duration as well as fewer sleep disturbances.

5. Relieves headaches

Headaches are decreased by and average of 48% in duration and intensity with regular onsite massages.

6. Lowers blood pressure

Across multiple studies, there was an average of a 6% drop in blood pressure, which may not sound like a lot. But that’s literally the difference between a hypertensive blood pressure and normal one, and that’s without any medication at all! Plus these studies showed that there was a lasting effect and the benefits of corporate massage programs showed very clearly as the massage group continued to have lower blood pressure than the control groups for weeks after treatment stopped.

7. Prevents repetitive strain injuries

On employees doing repetitive movements, weekly chair massage reduces the occurrence of repetitive stress injuries by 37%.

8. Increases immune function

In the studies on immune function, the good cells of the body perform 35% better as one of the benefits of corporate chair massage, and this is especially true for auto immune and inflammatory illnesses.

9. Treats carpal tunnel and tendonitis

One of the benefits of chair massage programs is that people with carpal tunnel and tendonitis issues see a decrease in pain and discomfort by 14%.

10. Increases focus, energy and mental clarity

After chair massages, employees in two studies show increased alertness, speed and accuracy on math computations following treatment.

*some statistics referenced from: https://www.incorporatemassage.com/blog/benefits-of-corporate-massage-at-work