Referral Rewards

Hey everyone!  I have so many amazing clients, and probably 90% of you were referrals from someone somewhere.  That’s one of the beauties of Rhode Island, right?!

I am grateful for your referrals, and I hope I get to help as many people as I can, especially the people YOU care about the most!!  I mean, that’s why you are referring them to me, right?  You care about them, you want them to feel better, and you feel better, so… for this, I thank you, and they thank you 🙂

So, for every three (3) clients or patients you refer to my office each (1) month, I will offer you one full 60 minute complementary massage session !!  I want to extend my gratitude and help you feel better, as well as try to reach even more people 🙂



Dr. Celeste Ruland, ND,CPT,LMT

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