Essential oils, but not MLM

MLM: Multi Level Marketing, or a pyramid scheme, or a large company that “trains” their customers to believe they are experts in their field, who then hold sales parties and get people to subscribe to their company and purchase expensive products with the belief that these products are the best quality ever.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen DoTerra and Young Living oils really help people and even make some people tons of money.  Their business models are intriguing and enticing for sure,  but from my Naturopathic medical background and years of education in health and wellness products, I can’t see myself selling just one product. I get weary when a new sales rep swears by just one company to cure everything.

As a Doctor though,  I do have an advantage over most of the other essential oil sales people, because I have access to physician-quality products from many different brands including essential oils!!  My goal is to heal people, not to create a sales marketing company.

There are a few product lines I trust for quality, safety, and environmental procedures. I’ve used these successfully for my own health, my patients, and for my massage clients!  I love using them in my diffuser and topically post massage.

A few of these brands are actually found in one place, through Fullscript/Healthwave online product catalog.  Guess what, I’ve opened access to all clients, patients, and followers of Wellness Rising LLC, Dr. Celeste Ruland.

Essential oils (non MLM) Pure, Therapeutic, Organic, quality environmentally-sound brands! Over 100 singles or blends. Shipped free if over $49. Visit my online site:
Excited to be able to offer even more quality products now, through my online physician-quality distributor.  I am adding to categories everyday!

You will have to log on under Dr. Celeste Ruland’s dispensary (Healthwave/Fullscript). Search my ESSENTIAL OILS category!!

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