Phone or Skype consultations

Wellness Wireless Consultation Services

Wellness Rising LLC now offers phone/Skype consultations for anyone who prefers this type of wellness visit.

  •  Initial Consultation  During this 60-75 minute session we cover your:
    • Top health concerns in detail
    • Complete health history, family history, typical food intake, allergies, lifestyle habits, and current supplements and medications.
    • Health goals and potential barriers that may be holding you back.
    • Comprehensive therapeutic plan to make a solid start towards your goals.  This may include nutritional, lifestyle, exercise, herbal or homeopathic recommendations.
  • Follow-up Session  During these 30-45 minute appointments, we:
    • Focus on your needs, check in on goals and progress, celebrate successes, and address any barriers that have come up for you.
    • Adjust your therapeutic recommendations to your unique changing needs.
  • Brief Follow-up Session These 10-20 minute appointments, are for brief follow-up/check-in conversations or to review straight forward lab tests that are too extensive to discuss over email correspondence.

Programs include:

  • Email communication between sessions to fully support you along your journey (if email is extensive, a brief follow up may be required).
  • The framework for goal setting and our work together
  • Additional ongoing research on your case


  • Initial Consultation: $175
  • Follow-up Session: $90
  • Brief Follow-up Session: $60

Please note: Telephone consults are not a substitute for seeing a healthcare provider in person and having regular physical exams by a licensed physician. Evaluating a patient in person using the appropriate exams and the proper diagnostic testing is the only way to properly diagnose and treat a patient. This cannot be done via the phone.  However, optimizing health without the need for “diagnosis”  can be achieved over the phone. 

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