You know the saying, “plan to fail or fail to plan…”, or better yet, “plan to succeed, or fail to plan”. You know what I mean, right? Plan, to succeed, end of story. To truly succeed with a ketogenic lifestyle, you really do need to PLAN. If you don’t plan, and you don’t have your … More PLANNING to SUCCEED

Thyroid health

We all want a healthy metabolism, good mood, and normal body temperature, right? Well, a healthy thyroid gland helps make all this happen… Cruciferous foods tend to be high in goitrogens, meaning you’ll want to eat them in moderation for thyroid health. If you’re having thyroid problems, you may want to bulk up foods with smaller … More Thyroid health

Eat the Rainbow

But what does that really mean?  Are there Lucky Charms at the end of this rainbow? “Eat the Rainbow” is a smart catchy phrase to get adults and kids eating a healthier more well-rounded diet. I have included a pdf file below, that you can download, put on your fridge, and even bring food shopping with you. … More Eat the Rainbow

Fat Facts

With the endless avenues for information and “education” comes even more wrong turns. We are inundated with information from so many biased, improperly-researched “sources” in our time. Remember statistics class? Or do you not… I was fascinated by this class, as it empowered and educated me on how to weed out false and biased information in … More Fat Facts