Personal Story, and why I am here for YOU!

About Dr. Celeste’s journey here, for a better YOU: I formed Wellness Rising llc after more than 20 years of professional experience in health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. From growing up in a family of macrobiotic, massage therapist, Aikido practicing, spiritual ashram dwellers, and natural healers (as parents), realizing my athleticism and love for fitness at a … More Personal Story, and why I am here for YOU!

Thyroid health

We all want a healthy metabolism, good mood, and normal body temperature, right? Well, a healthy thyroid gland helps make all this happen… Cruciferous foods tend to be high in goitrogens, meaning you’ll want to eat them in moderation for thyroid health. If you’re having thyroid problems, you may want to bulk up foods with smaller … More Thyroid health

Sugar lies…again

You grab your gym bag and a bottle of Gatorade and head out the door feeling prepared. According to all the ads, sports drinks are key to refueling after your workout. And be honest – who hasn’t secretly channeled their favorite celebrity athlete as they guzzle down a Powerade? The commercials do have one thing … More Sugar lies…again

Happy New Year – 10% off + free download

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2017 brings health wealth love and happiness to everyone.  I wanted to start this year with a healthy incentive.  I want to first thank everyone for your awesome reviews on my webpage!!  I also want to apologize if all those notifications are annoying  – please give me feedback … More Happy New Year – 10% off + free download

Gift Certificates

For the holidays, or any day, I am offering discounted prices for gift certificates. Gift a loved one a therapeutic massage as the…best…gift…ever! Click on the link below to be directed to my online store 🙂 Purchase here Happy holidays!